Welcome to The Urban Alternative (TUA) blog. This site, which was founded in December 2009, will highlight things that are defined as “urban alternative”, or strongly different from the mainstream. The ‘urban’ represents the often underestimated genres of music and television while the ‘alternative’ represents things which are typically unappealing to the mainstream at first listen.

The Urban Alternative, in all aspects, seeks to explore artists and trends that aren’t featured enough in media with hopes of garnering more exposure for lesser-known artists and entities. At times, popular trends will be presented but with the understanding that said topic or opinion is not representative of the majority.
The blog has been created and driven by the connection between the urban music scene and high fashion (and even television) ‘alternatives’. Ideas and beliefs are often used as conversation starters to obtain opinions about hot topics within both realms. Therefore, the primary goal and desire of TUA is to conversate publicly on particular topics deemed newsworthy.

Take comments and opinions as lightly as possible, as sentiments expressed about artists are solely opinion-based, and are not meant to be offensive. TUA’s standpoint on pop culture issues are so strong that they deserve to be shared with the largest amount of people possible. Feel free to agree, disagree, get angry, or praise opinions, but (especially artists), don’t take anything personally.

TUA’s blog will consist of the following:

  • album music reviews [REVIEW]: detailed opinions on an artist’s complete studio release.
  • singles music reviews [SONG]: a review of a song worth more exposure.
  • newsworthy items [NEWS]: important pop culture updates that needs to be shared
  • opinion blogs [OP-ED]: a 500 word piece on a particular topic within entertainment.
  • fashion highlight [FASHION]: celebrities in high fashion advertisements or photo shoots.
  • vintage spotlight [VINTAGE]: a look back at an older, underrepresented aspect of pop culture.

Enjoy The Urban Alternative (TUA).

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