[NEWS] X Factor UK x Katy Perry to judge?

News is on the upside for Katy Perry, as she’s in the running to become a judge on X Factor UK. The UK version of the talent show competition is the show’s country origin, with seven seasons appearing in England prior to its American counterpart’s premiere. While Katy has never hosted a television show before, this level of exposure could push her in more international audiences. Her multi-genre vocal trainings and devotion to songwriting could be more than enough to shape a few undiscovered talents into platinum stars. Now, the real question is – where’s (and how much is) the check? Simon’s franchise has made millions in Itunes sales, even more millions from winners Leona Lewis (season 3) and Alexandra Burke (season 5), and Katy’s already guest judged the show twice previously, so there’s no limit to her first primetime salary gig. Do you think Katy would be a good X Factor judge/mentor? Read the full article HERE.

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