[FASHION] Cutoff Shorts Inspired by Azealia Banks x Lana Del Rey

British fashion line the Silver Factory (website) have designed shorts based on two of their favorite artists – Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey. Check out the shorts and a review of both pair below:

If you’ve seen the controversial Azaelia Banks then you know that these shorts are extremely representative of the artists. Most of these colors have been in her hair at different points – possibly all at once. The shorts are fun, fresh, and young reminiscent of something that you would see in the legendary streets of Harlem.

These shorts which represent Lana Del Ray instantly remind you of the East/West coast jetsetter belle. Rey is entranced in the styles of various citylife trends and these shorts are quite similar to cutoffs from the 60s and 70s. Not only do these styles put you in the mindset of California dreams but they speak to Lana’s inner NYC girl who loves basic comfort, and simple but fashionable pieces.

With both ladies fairly new on the scene, it seems that these two pair of shorts could not describe the ladies better than a four-page magazine exposé. Each pair of cutoffs shows how different yet attractive both artists are and speaks to their individual characters. Like her music, Azaelia’s shorts are loud, funky, and original, while Lana’s shorts are simple yet All-American like the bluesy notes of her songs. Visit the website listed above for prices.

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