[OP-ED] Ebony Magazine to Azealia Banks: “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”

Following a recent Twitter battle with Lil’ Kim, the current #queenofrap Azealia Banks revealed that she offered to ghostwrite a verse for the formerly successful rapper. Ebony Magazine, in an effort to further stretch the tension between the two rappers, has struck back with a #warningshot editorial about Miss B-A-N-K-S latest mediaworthy actions. With an EP, a mixtape, an album, and a recent signing with Lady Gaga’s management team, one would think that such warning shots appear unwarranted, especially from a magazine like Ebony that usually focuses on R&B/soul artists. As more media news is made public revolving a possible faked Kim press release (see HERE), it appears that most Kim fans actually supported the Lil’ Kim/Azealia Banks lyrical marriage. Either way and in usual female rapper tradition, Kim’s efforts to burn bridges with Azealia should be her own “check yourself before you wreck yourself” moment – not Banks.

The writers at Ebony have sought to one-sidedly criticize Azealia’s actions, when it’s actually Kim’s actions that need checking. Every time there’s controversy surrounding Kim, she takes it upon herself to make her career revival attempts seem innocent and relevant, but that’s really not the case. For years, since Lil’ Kim is one of the first few female rappers to really make it big in mainstream America,  but she’s beefed with every female rapper from Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown to Diamond and Nicki Minaj (see HERE) along the way. For me, these beefs usually come from jealousy and lack of a hit single under her belt. Kim’s #pushing40 career has come to an end, so the years of messy antics and uncalled for disses can come to a halt.

20 year old Azealia Banks, on the other hand, was blessed to be given a different platform, as her rise to fame came from the internet – particularly social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. When her breakout hit “212” went viral in September 2011, it’s been an upward spiral towards Nicki’s mainstream “female rap throne” reign. During this rise, many other female rappers (with much better platforms) began dropping subliminals at Banks, leaving the 20-year old rapper with no choice but to retailiate. Iggy Azalea, Guyana, Kreayshawn, Dominique Young Unique, and now Lil’ Kim have all publicly badmouthed Banks – but she doesn’t care about minor issues. What she should care about is the perception she is given from articles such as Ebony Magazine’s opinion piece, in which her character and intentions are creatively skewed to make the more successful (but still guilty) artists seem innocent. To Ebony, Banks’s talent doesn’t matter as much as her mouth does. Nevertheless, I doubt Azealia would ever be banging down Ebony Magazine’s door for coverage.

View Ebony Magazine’s Op-Ed piece HERE.

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