[VIDEO] Coldplay x Rihanna x Princess of China

The Coldplay and Rihanna duet is one of my favorite pop duets ever, and the video’s delicate nature makes the song even greater. Chris Martin’s voice has sold me since their “Yellow” and “Don’t Panic” days, and the band’s music eventually got me through my college years. “Princess Of China”, directed by Adria Petty and Alan Bibby, finds the special effects turned up even higher than usual for the Brit band. Riri’s long golden nails do appear couture-ish, and the seven additional #handperformancepairs oddly add to her beauty in the Tokyo-inspired shot. While the peacock-winged theme works well for Riri, the flying ninja warrior doesn’t quite fit her image and comes off as silly. Along with Martin, however, she strongly commands the scene with her performance and sensuality factors alike, and adds a loud spark to Coldplay’s desert. With a flopped performance in ‘Battleship’ and a somewhat botched yellow belt attempt, I can’t say acting is Riri’s forte. Watch Coldplay’s first ever duet below:

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