[VIDEO] Santigold x The Keepers

Santigold’s third video from the ‘Master of my Make-Believe’ video comes in the form of “The Keepers”, a dark, politically charged pop ballad about creating your own identities. In the clip, Santi sits in and mocks a traditional 1950s American family (assumedly post-WWII) during their not so brighter days. Vengeful gun shots (1:45), Nicki Minaj’s ass (1:09), and the #milkman are all somewhat comically portrayed here, allowing her strange, erratic dancing (beginning at 2:31) to paint the picture of a model American home. The clip is probably the most fun I’ve ever seen Santigold having, as most of her videos usually feature somber messages. Santi’s visual of the eclectic song also features cameos from GZA, Trevor Andrew, and Kick Kennedy as the family shooters. Watch Santi’s “Keepers” clip below:

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