[NEWS] Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter Named IGN’s ‘Best TV Actress of 2012’

Let’s see – a chilling revelation by brother and sister cop duo Dexter and Debra Morgan at the end of the show’s sixth season, followed by an even more moving wrap-up and segue into season seven, topped by Jennifer Carpenter’s controversial improv performance at the end of season seven. What do you have? Some of the best acting in the history of television, seriously. Pairing a serious #pottymouth with brains and beauty, Jennifer’s performance on ‘Dexter’ as a whole deserves more than the show’s yearly Emmy nominations, hence her recognition as IGN’s ‘Best TV Actress of 2012’. No other actress on television today brings conviction to their role as Carpenter does with her immoral Lieutenant of Miami Metro role on the critically acclaimed Showtime series. Even show producer Scott Buck has been impressed with Jennifer’s ability to add her own emotions to some of the show’s pivotal scenes, not to mention her improv skills. With a recent starring role in the Apple-exclusive film ‘Ex-Girlfriends’, there’s much promise for Carpenter as a highly paid actress in the entertainment industry post-‘Dexter’. Some may like ‘Scandal’ actress Kerry Washington or even Anna Paquin’s character Sookie Stackhouse on ‘True Blood’, but they all fall short when it comes to Jennifer Carpenter.

Read IGN’s official ‘Best TV Actress’ statement HERE.

Watch a moving scene from Jennifer Carpenter during ‘Dexter’ season 7 below in which Debra finds out that LaGuerta has begun investing the Bay Harbor Butcher case (#NSFW).

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