[YEAR-END] Top 50 Albums of 2012 (#5) x Diplo ‘Express Yourself’ EP


Grammy-nominated producer Diplo is known for always surprising his fans with his releases. Whether its under his collaborative alias Major Lazer or with other independent artists, Diplo’s music never disappoints. The ‘Express Yourself’ EP initially wasn’t supposed to be a full project, but the success of first single (of the same name) spawned a full release and an all-out viral campaign (see #expressyourself pictures on Twitter). Diplo is also known for taking lesser known genres and putting his own unique spin on them, and his latest EP explored the New Orleans #bounce movement. “Express Yourself” features #bouncechantboy Nicky Da B and introduces the dance craze to mainstream audiences. The video features the dance (handstand while twerking) done by some of New Orleans finest in all shapes and sizes. As always, Diplo’s music is meant to get any and everyone moving around.

The EP also features the likes of Elephant Man and Sabi (Britney Spears’ “Drop Dead Beautiful”), amongst other independent reggae artists. Every song features a different progression into #bounce, while Diplo’s production is bass-filled and twerk-ready. Second official single “Set It Off” featuring Vermont DJ duo Laserdisk Party Sex and is a disco experiment with #bounce. Diplo effortlessly masters the production to mix the two genres, and the result is one of his highest charting solo songs to date. Despite not receiving much mainstream airplay for his own hits, the name Diplo (and the ‘Express Yourself’ EP) lives on as one of the best DJ albums ever made.

Why It’s Great: genre experimentation, introduction of lesser-known artists, beats for days

Watch Nicky Da B perform “Express Yourself” live below.

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