[YEAR-END] Top 10 TV Characters of 2012

10. Jake Bohm on ‘Touch’ (played by David Mazouz)


FOX’s newest show ‘Touch’ features the production team behind NBC’s ‘Heroes’ attempting to continue their supernatural string of shows. On the show, Jake plays a mute 11-year-old who has the ability to see the past, present, and future through numbers. Jake helps his father Martin (played by Kiefer Sutherland) stop bad things from happening to people mere seconds before they happen (in a ’24’-esque timeframe). David Mazouz’s contribution to ‘Touch’ is commendable and touching, as his character doesn’t speak at all throughout the show, rather communicating with those around him through analyzing various number sequences.

9. Donna Tubbs-Brown on ‘The Cleveland Show’ (played by Sanaa Lathan)


Also on FOX, black animated comedy ‘The Cleveland Show’ has won the hearts of all nationalities alike with its crass comedy and outrageous characters. Taken as a slight parallel to its sister show ‘Family Guy’, Donna Tubbs-Brown is the exact opposite of Peter Griffin’s wife Lois with her potty mouth, questionable parenting, and unorthodox marriage talents. Played by the lovely Sanaa Lathan, the second season of ‘The Cleveland Show’ found Donna in a variety of situations – dating Kanye West, wrestling another woman for her husband’s heart, and twerking in the kitchen. With the show helmed by ‘Family Guy’ director Seth MacFarlane and featuring a primarily black cast, it’s great to see newfound diversity in FOX’s programming.

8. Salome Agrippa on ‘True Blood’ (played by Valentina Cervi)


‘True Blood’ is known for its seasonal big bads, but Salome Agrippa’s influence on our favorite vampires is definitely a television highlight of the year – and not just for her nude scenes with Bill. The fifth season featured Italian actress Valentina Cervi as Salome, the two-timing leader of the Vampire Authority. Cervi’s starring performance goes alongisde Michelle Forbes (season 2’s villain Maryann Forrester) and Fiona Shaw (season 5’s villain Marnie Stonebrook) as one of the best the show has ever featured.


7. Jill Price-Grey on ‘Weeds’ (played by Jennifer Jason-Leigh)


Jennifer Jason-Leigh was one of my favorite actresses way before her on-again, off-again role on Showtime’s ‘Weeds’. Her contribution as Nancy’s estranged older sister brought dry humor and condescending comedy to each of the Botwins’ lives. Known widely for her performance in the film ‘Single White Female’ all the way back in 1992, Jennifer’s acting skills are battle tested and complement lead star Mary-Louise Parker’s role on ‘Weeds’ brilliantly.

6. Andrea Jackson on ‘The Big C’ (played by Gabourey Sidibe)


Showtime’s cancer survival show ‘The Big C’ has been awarded every major accolade a television show can receive, and there’s no doubt that Gabourey Sidibe (widely known as Precious) played a huge part. Playing Andrea Jackson, a student of main character Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) who moves in to avoid her parents, Sidibe’s role has become the comic relief for a somewhat touchy subject matter. In the latest season, Andrea avenges her ex-boyfriend Myk, a drug addict who attempted to marry her only for a green card.

5. The Chief on ‘Children’s Hospital’ (played by Megan Mullally)


As a parody of Dr. Gregory House from FOX’s ‘House’, The Chief is an outrageously funny addition to Adult Swim’s show ‘Children’s Hospital’. Each character parodies a different medical show, but the Chief’s role (played by ‘Will and Grace’ star Megan Mullally) takes the award for the most comically crass character around. While watching ‘Childrens Hospital’, you can even feel a tinge of Karen Walker in the role with her witty one-liners and excessive drinking.

4. Regina Mills/Evil Queen on ‘Once Upon A Time’ (played by Lana Parrilla)


The villain in any television series is especially great, but Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen (played by Parrilla) is an exceptional debut. ‘Once Upon A Time’ thrives on retelling ancient fairytales with a modern twist, giving the Evil Queen’s presence in our favorite stores a much needed revamp. In the show’s second season, Regina finds herself struggling to use her powers while keeping contact with her adopted son Henry, who knows all about her evil ways.

3. Samurai Apocalypse on ‘Californication’ (played by RZA)

Episode 512

RZA’s role on Showtime’s ‘Californication’ is definitely Emmy-worthy, as he plays a business associate of sex-hungry Hank Moody. Known on the show as Samurai Apocalypse, RZA dates actress Meagan Good (playing Samurai’s ex-girlfriend Kali) and causes a rift between he and Hank’s business affairs. The tension can’t be cut with any knife, as Hank sleeps with Kali several times with mere seconds from being caught by Samurai. The role could’ve been landed by any rapper, but RZA’s acting talents overcome all stereotypes, and has me hoping he gets more roles like this soon.

2. Adam Sackler on ‘Girls’ (played by Adam Driver)


Critically acclaimed series ‘Girls’ has broke out onto the television scene as the new version of ‘Sex and The City’. Witty jokes, hilarious sex scenes, and lots of heartbreak surround actress Lena Dunham’s (Hannah Horvath) self-written series, which also plays as her own life story. Adam Driver (who plays Adam) is incredibly hot, making his role as Hannah’s back-and-forth playmate. Their relationship as perceived on the show is both common and contradictory, as their sexual tension overcomes all real feelings the two will ever have together.

1. Isaak Sirko on ‘Dexter’ (played by Ray Stevenson)


The seventh season of ‘Dexter’ brought about a different type of villain – the trade! After Dexter (Michael C. Hall) killed Isaak’s “associate” on the first episode and he became overly vengeful, Sirko’s actions proved that his associate was more than just that. Although Stevenson, who is straight in real-life, put a different perspective on the type of killers to expect on ‘Dexter’, his dual role as the #trade and the season’s big bad is commendable. Isaak’s story throughout the seventh season showed viewers that you can’t really put a label on the type of villain to expect – especially if he’s rich and sexy.

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