[SONG] Ellie Goulding x Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Ellie-GouldingBritish pop singer Ellie Goulding is continuing to make waves stateside with her latest single “Anything Could Happen.” The single has peaked just outside of the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40, and its catchy chorus has been heard everywhere from Dr. Dre’s Beats By Dre ads to the HBO series ‘Girls’. Ellie’s songwriting has been known to spark positivity, and her latest single is no departure from her hit-making formula. With the success of “Happen” rising daily, it’s no surprise for equally great remixes to surface.  The Blood Diamonds redux was helmed by the Los Angeles DJ of the same name, and gives the tune a reach for urban listeners. Blood Diamond’s arrangement to “Happen” is even more radio-friendly than the original despite its lack of resung vocals. And while X-Factor USA’s Fifth Harmony’s repeated performances of Goulding’s hit somewhat cheapened the song, the Blood Diamonds remix takes “Happen” to another level. Listen and download the Blood Diamonds remix to Ellie’s “Anything Could Happen” below.

Download HERE.

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