[SONG + VIDEO] Lecrae (feat. Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones) x ‘Mayday’


Until recently, Christian rappers never really fit into the credibility mold of hip-hop. Whether they are criticized by religious groups or not recognized as “real” rappers by the hip-hop community, wearing both hats isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Tennessee-bred Lecrae brings a positive message and outlook to his unexpected raps along with a quality flow that’s suitable for both gospel and hip-hop markets. The Grammy-nominated Christian rapper has made a notable name for himself on the indie circuit, but has recently won the hearts of the mainstream with his latest album ‘Gravity’. On the heels of the disc’s fourth single “Mayday”, Lecrae enlists non-Christian rapper Big K.R.I.T. and season 11 Idol reject Ashthon Jones. The result? Shocking (Ashthon), inspirational (Lecrae), and intellectual (K.R.I.T.). As Lecrae weaves a heartwarming confession of his past and present lifestyles, the 13th place vocalist dubbed #babybeyonce  (by Randy, of course) pours her heart out (and a bit extra) over the dark song. While the song plays a huge role in motivating youth in conflict with their views towards worship, I must point out Ashthon’s usual, distracting (and annoying) oversinging (#pleaseforgiveme). Otherwise, the collaboration serves as a great re-introduction of Lecrae to urban listeners. Watch and download “Mayday” below.

Download HERE.

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