[NEWS] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 In Jeopardy, Production Weeks Behind Schedule

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer take their twins to the doctors office in Beverly Hills

With Jurnee Smollett’s role on the sixth season of ‘True Blood’ being heavily praised by the media, news of the lagging production has caused an opposite reaction. During season 5, assistant producer Mark Hudis announced he would be replacing Alan Ball after his shocking announcement that he was leaving the series – an announcement that already left many Truebies in limbo about the future of the show. Late last week during the production of episode three, it was announced that Hudis was “displaced” from the show’s director role. Although he was replaced by series veteran assistant producer Brian Buckner, the news continued to put a bad taste into fans mouths. With little news revealed about the show’s somewhat uncertain sixth season along with actress Anna Paquin’s post-pregnancy reducing the season to ten episodes, the future of America’s favorite vampires are unknown. The show can’t end with Bill’s transformation to Billith, but with no producer and reports of the show already way behind schedule, there’s little hope that the next season will ever match the success of Ball’s previous works. To date, no premiere date has been announced by HBO – but at least we know that Anna Paquin and real-life boyfriend Stephen Moyer are enjoying raising their twin girls.


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