[VINTAGE] LSG (feat. Faith Evans, Missy Elliott, and Coko) x ‘All The Times’


Gerald Levert. Keith Sweat. Johnny Gill. Faith Evans. Missy Elliott. Coko. Six of the most prolific vocalists of this day and age on the same song is truly #heavensent. I’m not exactly sure who to give credit for making this happen, but they should be rewarded lucratively. On their debut album ‘Levert.Sweat.Gill’, the three male vocalists trade verses with the female counterparts in a traditional soul format. “All The Times” is one of those rare instances where unique collaborations work in everyone’s favor. While Faith and Coko hold their own as premiere R&B songstresses up against each of the male Grammy-award winning crooners, it’s Missy’s contributions that make the most waves on “Times”. Her rich lower register is fully revealed here, and she switches lead with Sweat as if they’ve taken their duo show on the road before. Missy is one of few #rappersturntsingers that can wear both hats very well, and her vocal talents are really show-stopping. The male trio’s album went on to reach Platinum RIAA status in early 1998, and I’m still convinced 15 years later that this song played a huge part. Each of the six different vocal styles mesh so well that if a ‘LSGECE’ album was made back when the original song was released, it would rise straight to the top of the charts. Listen and download “All The Times” below.

Download HERE.

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