[VIDEO] Azealia Banks and Snoop Lion Blaze Like True Stoners for GGN TV


Since its inception last year, Snoop Lion’s 420-based celebrity news channel GGN (“Double G Hood News”) has featured everyone from Wiz Khalifa to Paris Hilton. The show takes a comical approach to #partaking while discussing many hot pop culture topics. While the show has seen a moderate number of views, one of the most popular episodes to date includes Harlem’s Azealia Banks. While sharing a blunt, Snoop and Azealia discuss everything from her name pronunciation to the different types of weed in Harlem. The whole interview is a must-watch, especially the parts when you can tell Azealia had a bit too much. She  looks extremely flawless and super cute as she asks Snoop for a straw to help her partake (2:50). An avid fan of Banks’ lyrical delivery, Snoop repeatedly praises her creativity and status in the game. Snoop also comically asks if Azealia is related to Tyra and Bank of America (4:18). He also asks about #yungrapunxel (5:04), leading Azealia to sip her cocktail, take another hit, and go into the full explanation behind her misunderstood first single message. With the many #priceless aspects of the ten minute interview, the best part (hands down) is Snoop jamming to Azealia’s hit single “1991” (8:44) – the weed obviously makes it much more enjoyable. There is also a suspect, random weather segment (7:36) featuring a scantily clad (but still beautiful) model who compares barometrics to very vulgar sexual acts, then proceeds to twerk and nearly lose her top in the studio. As a whole, Azealia maintains her classy, NYC demeanor as she gives another solid interview with one of her most difficult questioners to date. Watch Azealia’s full GGN interview below.

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