[SONG + VIDEO] Becky G x ‘Becky From The Block’

Since her first appearance on the scene, I’ve been so confused by sixteen-year-old rapper/vocalist Becky G – but for some odd reason I really like her. The femcee came into the music industry by taking on a series of covers – most notably Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” and Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” – adding her own bars to some of hip-hop’s biggest tracks to date. Most recently, Becky appeared on Cher Lloyd’s ode to friendship “Oath”, singing and rapping with the pint-sized UK starlet. In a #triedandtrue format, the Inglewood-bred rapper literally jacks Jennifer Lopez’s “Jenny From The Block” beat, chorus, and melody on her debut mainstream single “Becky From The Block”. The lyrics are pretty decent for a teenager until she comes with “if you wanna date me, you gotta ask my daddy / and my 30 uncles, you can meet them in an alley” where she’s more silly than serious. Also, a song as popular as Lopez’s “Block” should’ve been sampled with much more creativity as opposed to replacing “Jenny” with “Becky” in the chorus. The video shows off Becky’s #caliswag but doesn’t tell mainstreamers much about her other than her being a Jennifer Lopez fan – so much that she makes a cameo in the video (which seems contractually forced). Right now, Becky G’s appeal for love from the world of hip-hop will definitely be met with a cold shoulder, but maybe there’s a small margin left for her in the world of #poprappers. Watch and download Becky G’s “Becky From The Block” below.

Download HERE.

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