[NEWS] Victim of Miguel’s Dropkick Has Begun Pursuing Litigation

After what’s being referred to as the “dropkick heard around the world”, I doubt we’ll be hearing any new music from R&B crooner Miguel anytime soon. Audience member Khyati Shah has begun meeting with lawyers in regards to what doctors are calling a “potential neurological head injury”. The fan, who was front row during Miguel’s May 19 Billboard Music Awards performance, seemed fine in initial video clips with the two. Shah has also even been quoted in saying that she “adorned” Miguel. But all happiness has subsided with news of Khyati’s lawyers meeting with Miguel’s  team to discuss further actions. My guess here is that after weeks of ridicule via social media that the situation became increasingly traumatic. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that she didn’t incur an injury due to Miguel’s foolish attempt at a retro performance, but she had plenty of time to pursue litigation. I’m sure after one of her close friends saw the footage, they probably advised her that it was best to sue. Either way, she’ll win the case and I’m certain Miguel will have to pay a hefty amount (most likely outside of court). This is why we say no to drugs people. Watch a clip of Miguel and Khyati just after the incident via the Billboard link here.

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