[SONG] Lily Allen x ‘Air Balloon’

lilyallen_airballoonAfter taking a five year break from the industry, it’s no surprise that international superstar Lily Allen is back with new music that’s better than ever. The worldwide success of her recent “Hard Out Here” song/video has kept Allen’s name in everyone’s mouths while anxiously awaiting her third album. With its somewhat strange subject matter, second official single “Air Balloon” should follow suit. The topic of escapism – or evading reality – comes to play on “Balloon” as Lily sings about boredom that drifts her into nowhere. On a first listen, Allen’s latest could also pair for a grandeur 420 analogy, but she’s sticking with just “escapism” for now. Allen’s latest features a #twerkbreakdown just after the second chorus that’s both drum-heavy and radio-friendly. Unlike many other imported artists, Lily has the fascinating ability to make her British style come across with extreme mass appeal. After just a few more listens past the potential 420 references, Lily’s melody and songwriting reels you in – just like her entire catalog. The video is currently being shot in South Africa and will be released soon. Listen and download Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” below.

Download HERE.

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