[NEWS] ‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Stars In ‘Kill Your Darlings’ and ‘Cold In July’

mch_cold_in_july‘Dexter’ first-class alumni Michael C. Hall has kept himself busy since the show ended last year. Known widely for his role as David Fisher on ‘Six Feet Under’, Hall’s acting catalog also spans into independent and action/adventure genres on his latest works ‘Kill Your Darlings’ and ‘Cold In July’. ‘Kill Your Darlings’ is a factual account of a group of post-World War II writers known as the Beat Generation. Hall plays a college professor and is joined by ‘Harry Potter’ alum Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Kyra Sedgwick. The film’s director, John Krokidas, recently revealed that the film took over ten years to make, and has become a fan-favorite at Sundance 2013.

‘Cold In July’ places Hall in the central role, as he stars as a father who must act violently to defend his family. Hall plays Richard Dane, who is adapted from the ‘Cold In July’ novel by award-winning writer Joe Lansdale. The Richard Dane role seems a bit closer to Hall’s stint on ‘Dexter’ but with much more intensity. Directed by Jim Mickle, ‘July’ also took a long time to make (almost seven years), leading me to believe that ‘Dexter’ shootings greatly contrasted with filming of both movies. Either way, both are highly recommended and a great continuation to a string of stellar acting from Michael C. Hall.

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