[NEWS] Inside ‘True Blood’ Star Joe Manganiello’s Stripper Documentary ‘La Bare’

labare_reviewAfter penning a fitness book for the 2013 holiday season, ‘True Blood’ veteran werewolf Joe Manganiello has also worked on producing his first feature length film. Taking a cue from his ‘Magic Mike’ film acting debut, Manganiello decided to delve more deeply into the daily workings of male strippers and found himself at an exclusive Dallas nightclub. Originally set to be a television series, the material in ‘La Bare’ had so much depth that producers gave Manganiello and his brother a larger budget. The La Bare itself has been internationally known for housing some of the top male entertainers in the world. Manganiello’s film seeks to provide a documentary style of storytelling to the daily lives of Dallas’ top male strippers. After wowing film critics at the annual Slamdance Film Festival, Manganiello revealed that the film would be distributed nationwide through Main Street Films. From the club’s name to its iconic history amongst male revue clubs worldwide, Manganiello’s film is one of my most anticipated of 2014. Watch the official trailer view Entertainment Weekly here.

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