[VIDEO] Azealia Banks x ‘Chasing Time’

azealiabanksIt’s been a bit of an urban myth alongside Dr. Dre’s ill-fated ‘Detox’ album, but Harlem femcee’s Azealia Banks’ ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ was finally released – preceded by two formal singles. The latter of which is “Chasing Time” – a retro-rap number which features Azealia’s signature song-and-rap combo. “Time” itself is powerfully addictive from the opening verse (“I need somebody who can take it apart”), so it’s only fair that the video follows suit. In the clip, Banks dons several looks reminiscent of the urban greats she probably grew up listening to as a kid. But it’s the Janet Jackson-esque choreography and hair (0:29) that really sends it for me. She’s already adorned by the fashion world, but to have an in-house choreographer (Matthew Pasterisa) surprising the world by introducing Mami Champu to eight-counts is genius. Pair this with the ‘teaser’ look at 2:44 and it’s another all-around slay for the most underrated artist of 2014. Watch the official Marc Klasfeld-directed “Chasing Time” video below.

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