[YEAR-END] Top 10 TV Characters Of 2014

10. Bill Compton (portrayed by Stephen Moyer) [‘True Blood’]
top10char10America’s favorite romantic vampire met the #truedeath at the hands of his own lover in True Blood’s final season. Actor Stephen Moyer directed several episodes throughout the show’s seven season run, and planted the seed for the character’s tragic death in its penultimate episode.

9. Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus) [‘The Walking Dead’]
top10char9When you think about people that deserve Emmy nominations, no one comes closer to mind than ‘The Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus. His character Daryl went through several twists and turns in the first half of the show’s fifth season, but the shocking death of his close friend Beth rocked the world of television earlier this month.

8. Rita Marley (portrayed by Erykah Badu) [‘Black Dynamite’]
top10char8Erykah Badu portraying the great Rita Marley (and a prostitute!) on the anime blaxploitation ‘Black Dynamite’ was quite entertaining even if only for one episode. Chance The Rapper also appears, but it’s Badu’s double performance that’s the true standout. I’m hoping they’ll bring Badu back next year, but it may have been for #onenightonly.

7. Twisty The Clown (portrayed by John Carroll Lynch) [‘AHS: Freakshow’]
top10char7It’s hard to root for the villain unless they’ve overcome some sort of personal tragedy to become the evil person everyone pictures them as. Thus, veteran actor John Carroll Lynch played Twisty so well that there’s petitions to bring him back onto ‘AHS: Freakshow’.

6. Jackson Teller (portrayed by Charlie Hunnam) [‘Sons Of Anarchy’]
top10char6After seven season and no lead actor awards, Charlie Hunnam’s performance in the final season of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ should be a landslide win for the scorching hot actor. The penultimate ‘SOA’ episode finds Hunnam’s character (Jax Teller) on a murderous rampage which leads to his own death in the show’s #finalride.

5. Dr. Ike Prentiss (portayed by Morris Chestnut) [‘Nurse Jackie’]
top10char5Morris Chestnut has gotten some of the most random roles lately (see the cancelled but good series ‘V’). His role as Dr. Ike Prentiss on the fifth season of ‘Nurse Jackie’ is just what the show needed to keep it from redundancy.

4. Cosima Niehaus (portayed by Tatiana Maslany) [‘Orphan Black’]
top10char4There’s no denying Tatiana Maslany’s acting talents, but I truly loved Cosima out of all ten clones presented on ‘Orphan Black’. Entangled in a fiery, but complicated, lesbian affair, Cosima’s character was challenged to the point of near-death in the show’s second season.

3. Lucy Warburton (portrayed by Amanda Warren) [‘The Leftovers’]
Heroes Day meetingI used to think that Sonequa Martin-Green (‘The Walking Dead’) was the sassiest Black character on television, but that was before I was introduced to the first season of the ‘Leftovers’. Amanda Warren’s character is Lucy Warburton, the mayor of Mapleton who’s beyond frustrated with the “departure” mess she’s been tasked to clean up.

2. Mickey Donovan (portrayed by Jon Voight) [‘Ray Donovan’]
top10char2In a two-time Emmy-nominated role, the great Jon Voight continues to provide grade-A performances on the valiant Showtime drama ‘Ray Donovan’. Some of my favorite scenes were with him and ‘The Game’ veteran Pooch Hall, which has me thinking he’s at a much better chance of winning the golden trophy this year than ever before.

1. Ingrid/The Snow Queen (portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [‘Once Upon A Time’]
top10char1There’s only one performance that slayed television in 2014, and thankfully it wasn’t Kerry Washington on ‘Scandal’. The beautiful ‘Lost’ alum Elizabeth Mitchell dropped by season 4A of ‘Once Upon A Time’ to add spice to the much needed #onceisfrozen storyline. Although she died at the end of the tale, Liz’s chilling acting (and cleavage) made a huge enough impact on pop culture this year to rightfully earn her another Emmy nomination.

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