[YEAR-END] Worst Singles Of 2014

10. Tamar (feat. Future) – Let Me Know
worst10Single hashtag: #drunkstepdaddyfeature

Tamar sounds great, but having a Future feature is surely bound to ruin any potentially good track.

9. Iggy Azalea (feat. Rita Ora) – Black Widow
worst9Single hashtag: #katycantfixeverything

With #queenofpop Katy Perry co-handling songwriting, Iggy’s “Widow” still didn’t pack that much of a bite.

8. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda
worst8Single hashtag: #flopofpoprap

Uber-obvious sampling aside, Nicki sold herself a bit short by using sex as an attempt to dent the Billboard charts.

7. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
worst7Single hashtag: #toostereotypicalanthem

Meghan’s annoying anthem resonated a little too closely with American listeners for me to side with her artistry.

6. Avril Lavinge – Hello Kitty
worst6Single hashtag: #questionableappropriation

Avril’s seemingly innocent “Hello Kitty” anthem took a turn for the worst when portraying particular cultures in its video clip.

5. Keyshia Cole (feat. Juicy J) – Rick James
worst5Single hashtag: #whenitstimetoletgo

Another poor urban comeback attempt from one of my former favorite R&B artists.

4. Jason Derulo (feat. Snoop Dogg) – Wiggle
worst4Single hashtag: #cringeworthymacho

Sex sells may have worked for Jason’s “Wiggle” as a single, but it did nothing for his ill-fated second album.

3. Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX) – Fancy
worst3Single hashtag: #payolafeature

Charli spotlighted on Iggy’s “Fancy”, while her bars failed in the worst way possible.

2. Pitbull (feat. Kesha) – Timber
worst2Single hashtag: #countrysalsafail

Pitbull made a huge impact in 2014 when “Timber” became the first #1 of the year, but that’s as far as it went.

1. Fly Young Red – Throw That Boy P****
worst1Single hashtag: #tradesellout

Exploitation of gay black culture is at an all-time high on Fly Young Red’s NSFW song/video.

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