[VIDEO] Five Things Learned From The ‘Heroes Reborn’ Super Bowl Trailer

heroesreborn1Even though many thought Missy Elliott’s appearance was the best part of the Super Bowl, the ‘Heroes Reborn’ trailer excited me just a tad more. The hit NBC series dissipated after four seasons in 2010, leaving fans hanging with one of the biggest series finale cliffhangers in television history. There’s not many details in the sixteen second clip, but there’s enough to make strong conclusions. Here are five things fans can expect to see when ‘Heroes Reborn’ returns to NBC:
1) It’s actually happening. After declaring its return over a year ago, it’s good to finally have concrete evidence to support the announcement. The lack of casting news and trailers had me worried that ‘Heroes Reborn’ was just a really bad dream.
2) Noah Bennett (aka HRG) appears to be the main character. Besides actor Jack Coleman, all of the other original ‘Heroes’ cast declined to re-appear for the reboot. If there’s anyone I’d like to see back (besides Zachary Quinto’s Sylar), it’s Noah Gray-Cabey as super-techie Micah.
3) There’s a new special named Aurora. The clip features a young enchantress who reaches her hands in the sky and causes some colorful weather changes. I’m not sure how she could pose a threat, but her power is one of the coolest on ‘Heroes’ since Samuel’s terrakinesis.
4) Zachary Levin has been cast in a lead role. In the ‘Aurora’ trailer, Zach’s character appears to be spying on “The Aurora”. Could we have another Danko on our hands…or worse, another Sylar?
5) There will only be thirteen televised episodes. ‘Heroes Reborn’ will have an online prequel series to fill in gaps during the show’s four year hiatus. Since it’s a reboot, however, there’s not much NBC can do besides hope for good ratings.

Watch the Super Bowl teaser for ‘Heroes Reborn’ below.

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