[SONG + VIDEO] Calvin Harris (feat. HAIM) x ‘Pray To God’

haim_praytogodFresh off their impressive 2015 Best New Artist Grammy nomination, California rock trio HAIM just released their latest video for “Pray To God” – a collaborative single with Grammy-award winning producer Calvin Harris. Lifted as the sixth single from Calvin’s fourth album ‘Motion’, “God” is an illustrious mixture of the band’s rock elements and Harris’ signature EDM sound. In fact, it’s the integration of the two artists’ sounds that makes this song so great, as Este coyly sings “I remember when this road was my own / I pray to God, I just don’t know anymore”. The video treatment for “Pray To God” is a hodgepodge of ideas: there’s swans amongst a devilish red sky, wolves aimlessly wandering through snow, HAIM rabbit petting, and even a smiling bear. Despite a video with more CGI features than I cared to see, the sister trio embody modern-day Dixie Chicks with harmonies similar to Destiny’s Child – and that’s something I just couldn’t get enough of. But if there’s one thing clear from “God”, it’s that HAIM’s margin as the world’s best girl group just got much wider from everyone else. Watch and download Calvin Harris and HAIM’s “Pray To God” below.

Download HERE.

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