[SONG + VIDEO] Raury x ‘PSA (Seven Suns)’


In a world that’s avidly obsessed with technology, it’s good that somebody is talking about unplugging. Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Raury does just that on his latest release “PSA (Seven Suns)”. Combining the song and video (and according to a press release), Raury’s “PSA” is “a satire on how the growth of mobile technology & social media, has created a virtual world in which the citizens’ detach from real-time human communications & interactions”. The actual song “Seven Suns” is lifted from his critically acclaimed ‘Indigo Child’ EP and paints a vivid picture of his own self-doubt as a musician. But when you tie in the aspect of technology instead of fame, Raury’s lyrics truly come to life. It’s a bold statement for a relatively new singer to go against the one single thing that people his age are addicted to, but he does it with great prose in the “PSA” clip. The end of the video features Raury and fellow artist LoveRenaissance poetically (and literally) destroying technology. If all eighteen-year-olds thought like Raury, they could surely take over the world. Watch and download Raury’s “PSA (Seven Suns)” below.

Download HERE.

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