[SONG + VIDEO] Junglepussy x ‘Me’


Hip-hop really needs females like Junglepussy to survive – plain and simple. The Brooklyn-bred rapper released her first full release ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ for free in mid-2014. Junglepussy’s latest single comes in the form of “Me”, a rap-meets-spoken word ballad that advocates for self-love. “I want to own my sanity, minimize my vanity / my hair defying gravity, melanin so high, opacity” raps JP over the sparse snare beat with jazz horns. The video treatment for “Me” features the rapper in a variety of comedic skits: on the phone with Oprah Winfrey (1:13), portraying Miss Cleo (1:24), and reading a ‘Moesha’ book (1:38), and getting arrested from the corner store for buying a brownie (2:30). What’s most interesting about the clip is fellow indie femcee Dai Burger singing the song’s dreamy vocal bridge (1:45) – a surprise that’s hard to catch listening to only audio. But it’s this type of camaraderie between JP and Dai that sheds light on the inspiration behind her classic line “what would I do without Brandy, Foxy, Kim, and Missy, Patra, and Erykah / proof there can be more than one without replica”. Released just after completing her first nationwide tour, “Me” is the perfect spring/summer single for a widely underrated femcee. Watch and download Junglepussy’s “Me” below.

Download HERE.

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