[SONG + VIDEO] Rudimental (feat. MNEK and Sinead Harnett) x ‘Baby’


London EDM producer band Rudimental’s debut album ‘Home’ spawned numerous hits, but there’s one single that stands out brightly in their expansive catalog. On “Baby” with MNEK and Sinead Harnett, Rudimental delivers a smooth R&B-meets-drum-and-bass production that burned up international charts in late 2013. The song starts off with some clever wordplay by MNEK (“because every time I’m looking down / the questions what you’re dancing around”) before delving into a larger-than-life chorus filled with lots of #electrodrums. Sinead appears during the same verse with the same level of coy crooning as MNEK, but takes the song to new heights with the range of her upper register. While both artists were relatively new at the time that “Baby” was released, the massive single served as a great worldwide introduction to both of their talents – and Rudimental’s. MNEK’s gone on to receive a Grammy nomination and writing for the likes of JoJo and Kylie Minogue, Sinead’s been given a solo contract and will release her debut EP later this year, and Rudimental’s debut disc was named one of the best dance albums of the year by Rolling Stone. Watch and download Rudimental’s “Baby” with MNEK and Sinead Harnett below.

Download HERE.

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