[SONG] Wale x ‘The Bloom (AG3)’


Wale’s third official release ‘The Album About Nothing’ has become the DC’s rapper’s #comingofage set. The disc, which follows in the format of (possibly) his best unofficial works to date ‘The Mixtape About Nothing’ and subsequent ‘More About Nothing’, features Jerry Seinfeld providing additional audio to tie the album together seamlessly. On album standout “The Bloom (AG3)”, Wale continues his trend of recreating the magic from the mixtape that made him internationally famous. The song follows behind “Ambitious Girls”, a highlight from ‘More About Nothing’, where motivating his female counterpart is at the center of his own life’s mission. While “Ambitious Girls 2” features J.Cole, the song’s third installment features Stokley Williams of Mint Condition’s fame for background vocals, which gives the rapper quite a bit of crossover credibility. “Bloom” features strong storytelling from Wale as he raps “just let me hold you in a dark place, and when it’s cold let me warm thee / I know we both come from hard times, cause I’m aroused – you a rose of the concrete”. It may be too late for a summer “Bloom” official single release, but with Stokely’s vocals and Wale’s gift of lyricism, anytime this song is officially released could be a huge move. Listen and download Wale’s “The Bloom (AG3)” below.

Download HERE.

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