[VINTAGE] Fantasia x ‘Good Lovin’


Female R&B frontrunner Fantasia Barrino is probably the only ‘American Idol’ contestant that has a consistently great music catalog. Over four albums, the most frequent collaborator of Barrino’s is Missy Elliott. Over the span of eleven years, the duo has pushed out over ten songs together – but “Good Lovin” is clearly one of their best works together to date. Lifted from Fanny’s debut album ‘Free Yourself’, the slow-burning “Lovin” ballad explores just what the title implies – good lovin’. The song is equal parts old- and new-school, but embodies all of the ingredients of a #1 hit R&B record amongst today’s music scene. While Elliott is known for her collaborations with other urban female artists, her work with Fantasia is (without question) some of the best R&B we’ll ever hear. Listen and download Fantasia’s “Good Lovin” below.

Download HERE.

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