[SONG] Chromeo (feat. Solange’) x ‘Lost On The Way Home’


Montreal EDM band Chromeo has spawned numerous indie hits over their last four albums, but none makes quite the impact as the songs from their most recent set ‘White Women’. The album, which was widely praised by critics, has released five hit singles to date. On a stellar album cut from ‘Women’ stands “Lost On The Way Home”, a funky duet featuring none other than Solange’ Knowles. The song has been described as “pop/funk”, but it essentially embodies R&B and soul elements as well. Both Chromeo and Solange’ take their hand at a verse, while the two voices – from opposite sides of the musical spectrum – blend together perfectly for the melodious chorus. Solange’ is known for her quaint collaborations and oddly epic covers, but “Lost” is a shining gem in her ever-growing catalog. Listen and download Chromeo’s “Lost On The Way Home” with Solange’ below.

Download HERE.

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