[VIDEO] MTV’s Todrick Hall Tributes Katy Perry…And Peter Pan?


Todrick Hall may not have gotten far on the ninth season of ‘American Idol’, but MTV took a chance on him – to unexpectedly great results. The Broadway-esque singer now stars in ‘Todrick’, an original series where his theatrical music talents come to life. On the latest episode, Todrick did a tribute to the reigning Queen of Pop Katy Perry with a ‘Peter Pan’ theme. Dubbed “Peter Perry”, Todrick and fellow star cast member Kaley Hatfield performed Katy’s biggest hits from her last two albums while tying in the classic ‘Peter Pan’ fairytale. The clip opens with “E.T” (0:11) as Peter Pan (Todrick) flies in to take “Dorothy” and her siblings to Neverland. As the four fly off into the night via the Blue Fairy, they segue into “Walking On Air” (1:04). Since they don’t really remember traveling to another land, it’s only appropriate that “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” (1:45) paints a picture of what really happened the night before. After partying with the Lost Boys, the Lost “Girls” properly introduce them to the nights of Neverland with a stellar “Roar” (2:43) performance. Donning a bejeweled hook, Todrick plays both Pan and Hook during “Dark Horse” (4:04) as Dorothy and her siblings find themselves imprisoned on the Jolly Roger. Once the Lost Girls rescue Dorothy, the group joins together for a larger-than-life “Firework” (5:14) performance. Overall, it’s a great tribute by an up-and-coming vocalist to one of the best pop singers today. Watch Todrick Hall’s “Peter Perry” tribute below.

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