[SONG + VIDEO] Courtney Barnett x ‘Pedestrian At Best’

Courtney Barnett: 'In interviews I feel like a bit of a doofus.'

Australian indie punk rocker Courtney Barnett has made quite the name for herself lately. After being heralded as having one of the best albums of 2015 with her debut ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit’, Courtney has practically become a household name. But in December 2015, Courtney received an exclusive Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, which increased her visibility tenfold. Her critically acclaimed debut album is spearheaded by the massive single “Pedestrian At Best”, which cynically examines the need for acceptance in modern society. Courtney cleverly uses the terms “pedestrian” and “pedestal” to describe how she’s more into being lowkey than being placed higher than others. The video treatment for “Pedestrian At Best” further illustrates this, as she portrays a sad clown who has a penchant for not disappointing his fans. With songwriting like this, Barnett sets herself out from a crowd of musicians who craft music solely for radio airplay greatness. Watch and download Courtney Barnett’s “Pedestrian At Best” below.

Download HERE.

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