[SITE] welcome to the site!

Welcome to theurbanalternative, the source for all things urban and alternative. Music and fashion, to me, fit together like hand-in-glove. The perfect combination of the two encapsulates a great new aesthetic within musical genres. Thus, the ‘urban’ represents the often underestimated genres of music while the ‘alternative’ represents things which are typically unappealing to the mainstream at first listen. As this is a new blog, this idea will continue to develop as the website does also.

But about me, I’m an aspiring blogger with the many years of support from my close friends, family, and other associates. My life has been driven by the connection between the urban music scene against high fashion (and even television) alternatives. Often, my ideas and beliefs are used as conversation starters to obtain opinions about hot topics within both realms. Therefore, my utmost passion and desire to conversate on particular topics is expressed through the use of this site. As I continue to develop the site over the next few weeks, take my comments as lightly as possible – what I say and how I feel about particular artists is my opinion, one in which should be shared with the largest amount of people possible. Feel free to agree, disagree, get angry, or praise my opinions, but (especially artists), don’t take anything personally.

With all that being said, the site will consist of the following:

-album music reviews (letter-grade system reviews of full bodies of musical work)

-singles music reviews (compilation of five new tracks every week or so)

-opinion blogs (500 words on a particular topic within entertainment)

-fashion highlight (celebrities in high fashion advertisements or photo shoots)

-flashback track (a song, not current, that deserves to be resurfaced)

-and much more to come as the site develops!

At any time, feel free to send any comments or suggestions you may have about the site. I’m a true Gemini, so trust me I can take anything. This site is meant to be fun, with me expressing my overheard opinions in a formalized matter – as a blogger.

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