[SITE] Music and Fashion

Five things I prefer in music:
-Filthy beat, preferably Tim or Pharrell, but others who dare are welcome.
-Lyrics that make thought processes wander about.
-Fresh concepts brought to the table.
-Diversity amongst the mainstream.
-Ability and willingness to take a risk.

Five things I prefer in fashion:
-Upbeat and classic mod rock, or simply garage glamorous.
-Garments that tell a unique story through their full presentation.
-Fun constructions with a collegiate undertone.
-Daring perspectives, primarily those of the unseen.
-Desirability to be different in comparison to the majority.

This will be a format (sort of) for the types of posting on this site. Refer back to this frequently if you have questions about the reasons certain artists/fashion trends are posted within this site.

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