[VIDEO] Ke$ha x Wiz Khalifa x Andre 3000 x T.I. x Lil’ Wayne – Sleazy 2.0 (Get Sleazier)

The last video from Ke$ha’s ‘Cannibal’ era finds various fans playing Wiz, Andre, T.I., Lil’ Wayne, and even Ke$ha herself in the visual. It’s assumed here that either the rappers didn’t want to be a part of the video or they weren’t notified of the actual video shoot (possibly due to Ke$ha’s constant hungover status). Either way, a review of all four performances and verses, as well as the video clip, is below:


Verse [B]: Ke$ha only appears to sing hooks on the rap-driven remix, as the original “Sleazy” verses are replaced by the song’s four guest stars.

Video Performance (played by #thegothblackguy) [B]: Ke$ha’s black mohawk counterpart finds his own backing up the other four guest performances, and does an even better job at singing hooks. Don’t quit your day job.

Wiz Khalifa

Verse [B+]: Wiz’s 420-inspired verse is an improvement from his usual guest verses. If he could rap about things beside smoking, he’d have a much better verse.

Video Performance (played by #thetranny) [A]: The transgendered rapper makes her first pop appearance as she spits Wiz’s verse with ease. I still wonder if he knows that he was played (very well) by a drag queen in a video.

Andre 3000

Verse [A]: Andre’s creativity reaches new heights with the “Sleazy” remix. As usual, his verse is effortless and requires intellectual thought in order to catch all of his puns. One of the best rap-pop verses this year.

Video Performance (played by #themexican) [C+]: The international persuasion that performs Andre 3000’s verse here is subpar. It seems as if he wants to rap the entire verse in his own native language instead of English.


Verse [A-]: Unlike the other featured rappers, T.I. aims straight for the topic of sex with his rhymes, bragging on his ability to pull multiple women and keep them coming back for more. The “bad bitches, I got two with me / with you it’ll make it two or three” finds Tip coyly dissing Ke$ha on her own song, but with #sleazylove behind it.

Video Performance (played by #thegrandpa) [B-]: While playing boardgames with his bestie, grandpa does his absolute best to excuse his dentures and properly execute 16 bars, to somewhat mixed results. One thing’s for sure, his chess game is sick.

Lil’ Wayne

Verse [B]: Weezy’s flow style, while incredibly creative in wordplay, grows tiresome after about the third or fourth feature he’s done this year. I appreciate his use of “ratchet” here, but wish he could’ve came as hard as the other rappers featured.

Video Performance (played by #thegangbanger) [C-]: With his face covered by a white bandanna, the young gangbanger raps Weezy’s verse. Destruction, cynicalism, and boredom come to mind as he “performs” what he thinks is an acceptable video performance.

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