[VIDEO] Rihanna x Where Have You Been

The latest ‘Talk That Talk’ video for “Where Have You Been” is an interesting one, and one that I’ll have to remain #onthefence with for now. I will definitely applaud Riri’s overall beauty and feminine strength in the video, as she encapsulates a #woman I don’t think any of us have seen before – mature, subtle, but still somewhat pushing the lines. In terms of the negatives, the dancing seems forced and makes everything stiffer than usual for a Riri video. In past trends, there were no 8-counts (1:04) or belly dancing (3:01), but the competition is tough these days, and to her requires more effort on all fronts. As WHYB’s chart numbers are slowly increasing, there’s now hope that her latest album could finally reach platinum status. Check out the video below.

4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rihanna x Where Have You Been

  1. you know how i feel about her….nonetheless, i’m just elated to finally hear some of South Africa’s stella production and music style shine through….

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