[NEWS] Katy Perry shoots new video for…?

If you don’t know, Katy Perry is one of my top two favorite artists of all time – second only to Missy Elliott. With a double platinum album, a recent re-release, and an upcoming film coming out in July, it’s now time for further promotion with hopes of pushing ‘Teenage Dream – The Complete Confection’ into multi-platinum territory. Of the three new songs on ‘Confection’ include #1 single “Part of Me” and new(ish) songs “Dressin’ Up” and “Wide Awake”. Let’s examine both potential #1 singles below:

Choice #1: “Dressin’ Up” features Katy’s sexual side for one of the first times in her career. The song explores “librarian dominatrix”, Lolita the dark vixen, and Perry’s “call to order” as a police officer, among other roles. Tricky’s thumping club number (originally released as a demo) paired with its scandalous bridge (“tied, tight, tip, teasing, push, pull, pressure..”) is sure to rattle the conservatives who shunned Katy’s departure from contemporary religious tunes. If released, there’s no doubt it’ll shoot straight to #1 because of it’s sex appeal and clever lyrics. The video will show Katy scantily clad and hopefully with lots of hot French male models (ala latest ex Baptiste Giabiconi).

Choice #2: “Wide Awake” features the #fireworkkaty that I’ve grown to cherish. These lyrics speak to my mind, body, and soul, and actually complement the inspirational tone of her upcoming feature film ‘Part of Me 3D’. Releasing a song like this in time for summer would do in 2012 what “Firework” did just last year. Whether you like her or not, Katy’s track record has been consistent with every single released since “I Kissed A Girl” back in late 2007. There’s no doubt in my mind that “Wide Awake” would be just as successful as her ‘Teenage Dream’ single predecessors, and with an inevitable movie-tie in to the actual video treatment, this would be enough to solidify her status on the charts until her upcoming third album.

Check out MTV’s thoughts/predictions on Katy’s latest video HERE:

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