[OP-ED] Beyonce’s “Run The World” started as a joke?

News recently arose online again of Diplo’s studio sessions with Beyonce’. First alluding to the fact that he didn’t enjoy his work with the megastar, Diplo still somewhat participated in the Dream-written “Run The World”, but only as a sampled writer. In the original interview (found here), Diplo expreses his disdain for his work on the song which samples his group Major Lazer’s “Pon Di Floor” single (originally sampled by Nicola Roberts in late 2010, song stealing again?). After a lukewarm reception and even questioning from diehard fans has made the single one of the worst selling Beyonce’ singles to date.

Even more recently, Diplo admits that the song was “a joke” and was the result of goofing around in the studio?! Let’s be honest here, the vocals weren’t 100% great or perfect in any aspect, but rather her performance element with the anthemic single. While every live performance of “Run The World” sold you more on Beyonce’s ability to entertain, did it really make America intellectually sit down with these lyrics and comprehend her (and Dream’s) artistic messaging? In fact, if it weren’t for the “Pon Di Floor” sampled beat, would the song even have carried the same tiny weight it did on the charts? News of any song with songwriting as horrific as “Run The World” being jokingly produced and sold to the masses is disheartening for modern music. Good news for Diplo, he earns the production credit for “End of Time”, a much more preferred Beyonce’ song.

View the MTV article HERE.

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