[SONG x VIDEO] Nicola Roberts x Beat Of My Drum x Download Link

Here’s one of my favorite UK tracks of the recent year produced by the mighty Diplo. Nicola Roberts first discovered fame through the UK talent show Popstars, winning a spot in the Brit quintet Girls Aloud. After leaving the group to record her own material, she met up with the superproducer and concocted “Beat of My Drum”, her first solo single. The beat, which is the first to use the “Pon Di Lazer” sampler made popular by Beyonce’s “Run The World”, compliments Nicola’s quirky songwriting, as she effortlessly #britrides the electro riddim. The video features various forms of dancing and Nicola’s #beyoncebootytooch (0:31), hand performance (1:38), and high fashion poses (2:31). I love this song and always wished it was given the same platform as “Run The World”, because Nicola’s “Pon Di Lazer” interpolation excels over Beyonce’s on all accounts. Watch the official video and download the song below:

Download HERE.

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