[VIDEO] Azealia Banks Coachella Week 2 Performances

The current #queenofrap Azealia Banks stormed onto the Coachella stage during week 2 for some really fun, energetic performances. With rendition of hits from her upcoming EP 1991, Banks shined lyrically, in stage presence, and visually, and has me impatiently waiting for new music from her. I know all of the lyrics to all of the songs below, and it’s certain that I’m one of her biggest fans on Twitter. Simply put, these performances are the truth – and the essence of the true female rapper has returned. No more sing-songy “entertainers”, as Miss B-A-N-K-S solidifies her presence in the rap industry with the performances/clip notations below:

1. Liquorice: My favorite AB song to date, amplified. Now, onto the seriously delayed Nicola Formachetti-directed video.

1:19 The “bet you really wanna touch up on the molasses ass” part amped her up.
2:21 I really love this dance routine, but the #handonthehipmove is priceless.

2. 1991: A new song that’s first introduced to me through this performance, this is definitely the ‘Hard Core’ Lil’ Kim flow everyone’s been missing. And I’ve been bumping it on my Ipod ever since it’s debut online.

1:55 Namedropping #bambi here just made her more iconic, and has me anxiously waiting for the studio version.
2:16 Azealia raps this bar just like a young Lil’ Kim, which gives new hope in the state of female rappers.

3. L8R: The hood anthem gets an equally hood (but still extremely respectable) performance. Standing slightly over a minute long, there’s no hope that this will make her debut album, but it serves as a great AB introduction for any newcomers.

0:51 This cocky ass move is priceless. I really love Azealia Banks for this.
1:55 I was seriously waiting on a #crotchgrab from her the entire set.

4. 212/Firestarter: Starting this off with the bridge acapella was a great look for Ms. Banks, as she flexes her singing and rapping abilities with the greatest ease.

1:10 The “you know what a bitch become when her weave in” line amps AB into Lil’ Kim with every performance, this one is no different.
2:28 AB stops for a #beyoncemoment, as the wind blows rapunzel through the air, the background dancers are giving excessive hand performance.
3:59 Prodigy also gets reincarnated at Coachella 2012, as AB puts on an adorable British accent to cover their 1996 hit.

5. Valerie/Runnin’/Bambi: Azealia covers three of the biggest music genres ever (soul, rap, and house) all in this clip. The soul: AB’s flawless vocal/interlude of the Zutons/Amy Winehouse classic; the rap: warning shots are fired on the Lunice-assisted track.; and the house: probably the first female rap song in history that was actually made for the runway.

1:08 This note is #puretalent.
2:40 I think this is AB’s interpolation of the “Stanky Leg”.

6. Grand Scam (Lyrical Exercise)/Fuck Up The Fun/Barbie Shit: Azealia takes a few minutes to flaunt her lyrical talents. Each song shows a harder side of Bambi’s lyrical talents.

0:55 Sentiments of Foxy Brown, another long lost female rapper, come to mind here.
2:10 There’s a different hip movement for every Azealia beat drop.
4:49 Apparently, her hair and hips are on a different movement.

Overall, these performances provide a solid introduction to one of 2012’s best up-and-coming rappers. Nicki Minaj beware – the #barbiethrone will be overthrown by the end of the year.

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