[NEWS] What To Expect In Sunday’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale

The first season of ABC’s fairytale/real world supernatural drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ comes to an end tonight, and we’re definitely in for quite a few surprises. Here are three key things to expect in the finale:

1. The return of Belle: Emilie de Ravin’s (Belle) presence has been graced only twice this season, but she’s due for a powerful return during the penultimate episode. Previously seen locked in a mental asylum at Regina’s behest, Mr. Gold has no idea that Belle is even alive, let alone in Storybrooke. How this news plays out will be detrimental in setting up season 2.

2. Henry’s status: The poison apple turnover, immacutely prepared by Regina prior to Emma’s final visit, has proven to be just as important as in the original fairytale. Henry’s courage and determination to make his real mother Emma believe is unprecedented this season. How he awakens from Regina’s cursed fruit is another story – if he wakes up. Either way, the second season wouldn’t be the same without him, with the writers possibly ditching the whole “my storybook is real” plot anyways.

3. Magic: The theme of season 1 should definitely include the phrase “all magic comes with a price”, as Storybrooke favorite fairytale characters are warned repeatedly of the cost of magic. Good magic, bad magic, going against magic, or in Mr. Gold’s inquisition – “creating magic from magic”. With Regina at odds to defeat Emma at any cost, slipping up with her magical prowess just may cost her a Storybrooke kingdom. Season 2 should have Regina still, but in a different capacity – let Mr. Gold have all the magic he chooses.

Watch the official preview for ‘A Land Without Magic’ below:

Check out EW’s chat with the ‘Once Upon A Time’ producers HERE. The finale airs Sunday, May 13 at 8:00PM on ABC.

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