[SONG] Serena Williams x The Rap Song

Tennis star Serena Williams is looking for part-time employment, and has found such within the female rap movement. Signing on to produce songs under the B Major Music Group, the unreleased Williams rap debut is a tough one to swallow. The lyrics are beyond amateur (although I do appreciate the Venus namedrop) and the beat definitely sounds like a demo song. If Serena were pursuing this as a side career, I’d tell her don’t quit her (overpaying) day job. But trends are meant to evolve, and I guess that means careers are meant to flourish. If there’s a Serena rap song that features Venus singing, then I may listen (on a day when my Ipod’s dead and I didn’t pay my electricity bill). Otherwise, I just can’t take this seriously, but I appreciate her effort as a tennis player. Listen to the song below:

“I cook the track up like a frozen pizza

Beat so crazy, it might blow your speakers”

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