[SONG + VIDEO] Coldplay Tribute to the Beastie Boys x “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” x Download Link

Here’s an acoustic rendition of the Beastie Boys hit single as a tribute to member Adam Yauch’s recent passing. With Chris Martin’s quiet vocals, the band’s dark harmonies, and a Beastie Boys song mixed together, disaster comes to mind. I’m always keen on artists stepping outside of the box to create your own stamp on an already signature song, but I’ve been #onthefence with this one since its release. I’m already a huge Coldplay fan so it’s easy for me to appreciate Martin’s attempt, but the hip hop nature of the Beastie classic is lost and makes it sound slightly bar singer-ish. Watch and download Martin’s live version below:

Read a not-so-friendly review by the NY Times HERE. Ouch.

Download HERE.

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