[NEWS] Rome’s Ray Stevenson Cast As Dexter Season 7 Villain

With the seventh season of Dexter beginning its filming this week, the first official news from the set included this season’s prized “big bad” role, awarded to Rome’s Ray Stevenson. The actor will play Isaac, the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate with ulterior motives. Given the track record of previous big bads (particularly John Lithgow as Season 4’s Arthur Mitchell), Stevenson has some large shoes to fill. The sixth season of Dexter ended with Dex’s foster sister (and Miami Homicide Liutenant) Debra discovering her brother’s #extracurriculars. Tying in a Russian organized crime group on top of the already dramatic season 7 premiere episode will hopefully propel the show into a possible ninth season. The season seven premiere of Dexter airs September 30, 2012.

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