[SONG + VIDEO] Florence + the Machine x Spectrum

David Lachapelle and John Byrne are pioneers in the fashion world, so having them direct British fashion icon Florence + the Machine’s “Spectrum” is a massive accomplishment for both parties. In typical Flo form, the video’s theme is dark but youthful remixed with its empty backgrounds and ballet dancers. Her styling is also amplified (see 1:36), as she rocks layers of hair layers that usurprisingly suit her blood orange color scheme very well. Without question, my favorite point in the video is 2:50, in which the b-section moves Flo into high fashion ultra performance mode – a slight gesture filled with powerful angles. “Spectrum”, one of my favorite Flo songs of all time, also recently received the exclusive Calvin Harris remix treatment. Watch the original “Spectrum” and download Calvin’s redux below.

Listen and download the Calvin Harris remix below:

Download HERE.

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