[SONG] Ellie Goulding x High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

UK Pop singer Ellie Goulding made US headlines as the replacement for Jessie J on Katy Perry’s ‘California Dreams’ tour. The singer went on to release her debut album ‘Lights’ (with British producer Starsmith) in the States in early 2011 to great accolades. With an exclusive SNL show and an upcoming headlining tour, releasing a Weeknd cover would only help her already budding career. Taken from the ‘House of Balloons’ mixtape, Ellie’s soft, dreamy vocals makes for a great rendition of the Weeknd’s love ballad. It’s so perfect that she could pass as a female version of him, and I don’t think the sound-alike factor was meant to be intentional. Either way, Ellie’s future in the pop kingdom is solidified, especially given from the quality of her latest urban cover. Listen and download Ellie’s “High For This” below.

Download HERE.

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