[NEWS] Documentary Shows How Grammys Dealt With Whitney Houston’s Death

I’m very excited about the Grammy Foundation’s upcoming documentary “Death In The Family: And The Show Must Go On”, which details the show logistics as news spread of Whitney Houston’s passing. Having less than 36 hours between confirming the tragic news from the actual awards shows put Grammy producers on an incredibly tight schedule in order to properly acknowledge the great loss in music. After the actual awards show, the Foundation received heavy criticism particularly from Whitney fans in regards to the lack of proper tribute to the fallen star. While a proper tribute has yet to be produced (or maybe not), the 2012 Grammys did provide a decent tribute given time circumstances. Jennifer Hudson always delivers, and given Houston’s iconic status, it’s no doubt she didn’t think twice about the exclusive opportunity – for that reason alone I can’t understand fan criticism. In addition to Hudson, the film also features interviews from Dave Grohl and LL Cool J, both instrumental in rearranging the show. All of the artists featured detailed the stress behind producing such a memorable moment in such short notice, and I was actually relieved that they didn’t wait until the 2013 show. Read Billboard’s official story on the documentary here and watch the preview video below:

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