[REVIEW] True Blood 5.2 x Authority Always Wins

Tara’s hunger:  The episode opens with Tara awake and angrily attacking her friends Sookie and Lafayette. Her new maker Pam commands her to play nice, but I couldn’t help but wonder what Debbie’s #headshot did to Tara’s psyche as a vampire. She appears stronger than normal vampires at such an early age, forcing Laf to literally watch his “neck” at all times. Before sunrise, Laf uses his demon blood as bait to lure Tara into Eric’s decked out cubby, forcing Sookie to purchase a colloidal silver mister from an anti-vampire shop. Sookie’s mindreading skills finds her in familiar, nosey territory, as she reads the minds of the store clerk (learning about an anti-vampire hunting group) and Lafayette (learning his intentions to kill Tara). The latter proved to be another emotional highlight between the two this season, ending with Tara’s first words as a vampire “I will never forgive either of you” and her subsequent escape.

The hierarchy of werewolves: The Louisiana pack finishes eating their former packmaster Marcus, and viewers learn about some of the most coveted werewolf laws. Eating the packmaster among his death is a must, in addition to the killer of the packmaster becoming the new leader (only if he is also werewolf). JD and Martha both express their disdain for Alcide’s actions against Marcus, and are even more disrespected when Alcide refuses the role of packmaster. Afterwards, Martha pleads to Luna for permission to see her granddaughter Emma, whom she correctly predicts to be a werewolf instead of a shifter as her mother Luna thought. In werewolf form and donning Emma’s pajamas, the baby cub has to be one of the cutest moments ever on the show.

Eric and Bill’s visit to the Authority: The duo arrive at the AVL headquarters with traitor Nora and immediately meet Salome, a higher-level Authority vampire. On their way down to the Authority’s dungeon, Salome places her finger in a vampire blood key sample system, in which her own DNA is used to grant access to the lower levels. After being tortured in a UV-ray cell, Eric’s favorite leather bomber of mine is completely ruined. Authority vampire Dieter interviews Bill under influence of a silver IV, another creative method of technology used by the AVL. He wants to know about Nora’s true intentions, and makes him swear on the Original Testament Bible. Rallying against a new “utopia” of vampires, Dieter proclaims that relationships with humans are blasphemous and forbidden, and he believes Bill to be a part of this new group. Simultaneously, Salome is also interrogating Eric, and wants to know who murdered Nan. Several silver IV injections later, neither vamp will budge – a true #gangsta moment in the series.

The Authority group are introduced through blood, drinking the Guardian’s blood and quoting scripture before their meeting. In addition to Dieter (Bill’s interrogator) and Salome (Eric’s interrogator), there’s young Alexander, Texan redneck Rosalyn, the humble Kibwe, and their leader Roman (affectionly referred to by all other non-Authority vampires as ‘The Guardian’). Roman interrogates Bill about the “utopia” movement, referred to by him as the Sanguinista. When no valuable information is revealed, the Authority chancellors debate and cannot come to a consensus. After informing the Authority that the Vampire King of Mississippi wasn’t killed as originally reported by Nan, Bill offers to find Russell in exchange for leniency.

Jason’s change of heart: In previous seasons, Jason was overly concerned with sex. Beginning to feel his relationships dwindling because of his erotic problem, Jason sees stability with Jessica and tries to keep as many friends as possible, giving advice to Andy dealing with #randomplay along the way. At work, Jason gets surprisingly sacked by Sharon Singer’s son, whose mother he had random sex with throughout seasons two and three. At home, he struggles with his treatment from Hoyt, and tries to rekindle their friendship to stern avail. This kid just can’t get any luck.

Other Plots: After reading human barditz Ginger, the beginning of Pam’s backstory is revealed as a working girl during 1903 San Francisco. Eric comes to Pam’s rescue when she is attacked by a belligerent customer in the night. Andy and Jason find Debbie’s SUV (and a vial of V) on the side of the road. When they return to the station, Andy has Sheriff Ellis revoke the 75-25 ticket as asked by Judge Clements. Rev. Newlin speaks on the Vampire Nightline about his turning, but lies publicly about his sexuality. The fact that Newlin appears on this vampire-syndicated show makes me believe he’s working with the Authority. Jessica fights with Newlin while dancing to the Ting Tings’ “Hang It Up”, and within lies a weirdly homoerotic scene involving selling Jason for $20,000. After a brief tussle, Jessica discovers from him that Bill is no longer being referred to as the King of Louisiana, adding to my #authorityaffiliation hypothesis. Terry attacks Arlene twice during Iraqi blackouts he has involving a fire. The second incident prompts Arlene to meet with Patrick, causing Terry to arrive abruptly informing his friend of their fellow veteran’s possible whereabouts.

This episode was almost overpacked with story development, as I had to watch the episode three times to ensure I caught each new inclusion. Each of the three main stories (vampires, werewolves, and Tara’s status) have a clear endgame, but True Blood writers do a great job of building suspense along the way. The series acting debut of Chris Meloni was Emmy-worthy in its own, and sets the specific tone for the remainder of the season – the Authority wants Russell before he causes anymore trouble. Salome’s introduction, played by indie  actress Valentini Cervi, will force viewers to pull out their Bibles and history books to discover her true history. Joining the likes of Rene, Maryann, Russell, and Marnie as the season’s #bigbad, Salome’s real Authority intentions have yet to be revealed, but it’ll be great to see what type of vampire they make her out to be come season end. Alcide’s werewolf battle ended peacefully in the books, but my premonitions tell me the show’s adaption will tell a different story. Rutina Wesley’s dark acting as #vamptara is some of the best I’ve ever seen from her #ever. The episode’s pinnacle is obviously the Russell Edgington reveal, whom by just a quick, gruesome glance, shows that evil is coming like never before.

“I’ll tell you what though, why don’t you take your loner ways and your sensitive stomach back to Mississippi?” (JD)

“I got kids Patrick, and I have too much invested in this man to watch him lose his mind.” (Arlene)

“You touch Holly and I’m throwing your ass in jail!” (Andy)

“What the fuck, mama? I spent the last fucking hour down there fixing your fucking sink for fucking free. So if you don’t like it that I say fuck, that’s too fucking bad.” (Hoyt)

“Look at you, fang boner and real boner.” (Jessica)

“Co-existence with humans is not an option, it is a necessity, it is merciful, it is just, it is vital. Any threat to mainstreaming is a threat to us. Fundamentalism is dead and I won’t fucking have it.” (Roman)

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