[VIDEO] Azealia Banks x Liquorice

The second visual from Azealia Banks appeared online recently in the form of “Liquorice”. Several setbacks, including a reshoot with high fashion producer Rankin, delayed the video for months and had me wondering if anything had ever been shot. But alas, the “Liquorice” video doesn’t disappoint on any factor, as Azealia takes the spoitlight like a seasoned veteran in the western-inspired clip. Banks, despite the higher budget affair than her “212” predecessor, stays in true form – several high fashion looks (most notably 0:34), her signature cheap dancing (2:38), and immense sex selling (3:12). I’m guessing the #hotdogmovement she adapts in the clip is also attributed to the western lifestyles, along with the horses and overt displays of patriotism. My favorite part in the video is definitely her donning the baphomet horns during the “cuz its gon erupt when you slip in betwixt that” verse section – a small nod of character to lyrical greatness by the video’s producer. Watch “Liquorice” below.

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