[FASHION] Will Work For Clothes x Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen x The Franchise

As I’m slowly approaching 30, “Full House” is still (to this day) one of my all-time favorite sitcoms.  We’d all be lying if we pretended as if the fraternal Olsen twins didn’t grip our hearts with their classic “you got it dude” mantra on a weekly basis.  As an 80’s baby and 90’s tween, my friends (and pretty much everyone else in America) shaped our Friday night sleepover’s around TGIF.  The marshmallows S’mores, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, old-fashioned lemonade, and Mary-Kate and Ashley. We watched those blonde blue-eyed beauties evolve right before our teenage eyes.  A fact most won’t admit either is that their large selection of made-for-TV films also became popular to those within my generation.  These early acting endeavors allowed the duo to develop into franchise superstars, recently the billion dollar franchise “Dual Star”, which will house movies, television shows, toys, men’s and women’s fragrances, household decor items, and multiple clothing lines. They may not have Danny Tanner watching over them, but their franchise is coming with a second aim at the media spotlight.

Both Mary Kate and Ashley are world renowned for their contributions to the fashion arts.  This year, the twins were declared a fashion icon by the New York Times for their vagabond styles (link).  In 2006, Mary-Kate (my favorite) left acting with her sister for a solo career. Her boho chic look that she embraced typically includes #oversizedeverything and has been highly recognizable in both the acting and high fashion worlds.  From glasses and bags to sweaters with skirts, this vagabond-meets-homeless chic look escalated her popularity while shrouding her in a cloud of mystery and dark glam.

Today, both girls have an immense presence in the elite fashion society.  Okay, maybe they are in their own exclusively unattainable fashion world.  They have four definitive fashion lines that are branded to reach women across the broad expands of age and time.  Olsenboye is a women’s clothing line at JCPenney that caters to the everyday woman who loves to be trendy on a budget. Elizabeth & James, a higher end line, is a modern collection inspired by their personal vintage garb. The Row, based in London, is a couture meets ashcan fashion line named after the infamous  Savile Row in Westminster, known exclusively for its impeccably tailored menswear and is often referred to as the  “golden mile” of tailoring. Their t-shirt line StyleMint has been endorsed by the CFDA. With many accomplishments under their belt, there’s no stopping these wonder twins.

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